Name boards in Jaffna causing confusion

Now the Sinhala People in Colombo have complained that name boards on roads and several state departments in the Jaffna district had been wrongly translated into Sinhala and urged the authorities to rectify them immediately. After 70 years the Sinhala people are realising what the Tamils in the North were going through by the successive Sinhala Government since independence.

For so many years the Tamil names were translated wrongly by Sinhala government employees and these name boards were a insult to Tamil and a  joke and complaints by Tamils were totally ignored by Colombo authorities.

Last month the Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran is reported to have instructed the authorities to change the names of villages and other places giving priority to Tamil with Sinhala and English hence some of the name boards had been changed based on a decision taken by the Northern Provincial Council according to the law of the country.

The people said pilgrims were often misled by the wrongly written Sinhala name boards.

Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran has instructed local government institutions in the North to give foremost place to the Tamil language on name boards as per the Sri Lankan constitution.

They should have Tamil on top, Sinhala and English below it to help tourists.

Wigneswaran gave this order at a meeting with a group of officials attached to the Northern Provincial Council on Saturday (18). The Chief Minister said that most name boards displaying street and area names in Jaffna had Sinhalised names on them.

“This has taken place due to the influence of Buddhist monks and security forces. For example there is the name ‘Nagadeepa’ on many boards here. But there is no ‘Nagadeepa’ in Jaffna, there is only Nainativu here,” he told the officials.

Some Buddhist monks and the Sinhala forces are deliberately changing the Tamil names in to Sinhala names in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

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The glaring inaccuracies on signboards that include the Tamil Language, at several Government buildings and state run buses were deeply insulting to the Tamil people, experts have pointed out.

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