Sinhalese dominated state is seeking to diminish the rights of Tamil’s through continued militarisation and territorial aggrandisement

A latest report issued by an international organization reveals that the government security forces are making profits in occupied areas in the North and East with commercial ventures.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), headquartered in US, through one of its latest reports alleges that the government has failed to keep the promise of returning the lands in the North and East to their original owners.

HRW states that the aforementioned report, titled ‘Why Can’t We Go Home? – Military Occupation of Land in Sri Lanka’, has been drafted after discussions with more than one hundred people between June 2017 and August 2018, and the Tamils constitute the majority of people who have lost their lands.

According to the report, even though all three major ethnic communities in the country namely Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims are affected by military occupation of lands in the North and East, Tamil people are the most affected community.

Although the army has released the lands from time to time, HRW alleges that it is disappointingly slow.

HRW further says, “The military occupation of land is a significant stumbling block to post-war normalization and reconsolidation, heightening concerns that the Sinhalese-dominated state is seeking to diminish the rights of minorities through continued militarization and territorial aggrandizement.”

HRW, through the report, states that although the government justifies military land occupation necessary for national security, that rationale often raises suspicion. HRW further says that it has given a report on the findings of the study to the government of Sri Lanka in August, however, it has not received any response as to when the report will be launched.

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