Proposal for a UNP-TNA-JVP Probation Government!

A senior member of the United National Party told with ‘Lanka News Web’ that a proposal to form a Probation Government based to the grounds of fulfilling the promises made to the public by abolishing the Rajapakshe rule in 2015, with appropriate conditions, has been recommended by several civil organizations.

These civil organizations have recommended that the Probation Government, supposedly formed on the basis of achieving people’s expectations of January 08, at an appropriate political target, should be limited into an appropriate period of time.

The UNP member further informed that in regard to these recommendations, they hope to carry out discussions with the TNA and the JVP.

Nevertheless, the JVP has already made clear in terms of their policies that they will be not supporting either Maithree-Mahinda intermediate Government or UNP collaborative Government, and the TNA states that amidst the crisis they have not yet come into conclusion in having a stand.

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