Two from Badurdeen and one from Hakim ‘PURCHASED @ 35 Million Rupees each’ by Rajapakshes?.

Current Rate:
Sinhale MP’s  offered  50 Million Rupees + Ministerial post
Tamil or Muslim MP’s offered 35 Million Rupees + Ministerial post
Both Mr. Rishard Badurdeen and Mr. Rauf Hakeem stated yesterday (02) that since they do not recognize the new Prime Minister’s appointment they are not ready to be sold out for money, and will continue to remain in the United National Party. However, it is reported that over 35 Million Rupees have been bid for these members.
There are 07 parliamentarians representing the Muslim Congress, and Badurdeen’s All Ceylon People’s Congress has 05.
35 Million for TNA MP – Karuna is behind the wirework
Meanwhile, Tamil National Alliance Batticaloa District Parliamentarian S. Viyalendiran has made his jump on yesterday, while the wirework was reportedly handled by Vinayagamurthi Muralidaran aka Karuna Amman.
The Tamil Mp’s are accusing the Rajapakshes of discrimination because the Sinhala MP’s are offered 50Million and the Tamil or Muslim MP’s are offered only 35 Million rupees. 
A journalist said that if Rajapakshe cannot treat the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim MP’s equally how is he going to treat the Sri Lankan public equally.  Are the brokers pocketing 15 Million rupees has their broker money?.
The TNA member was reportedly offered with 35 – 50 Million Rupees for the switch, and the transaction was carried out through London city, UK.

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