Offering ”A Ministerial Portfolio and Rs. 200 Million” to get MP’s support was NOT a Bribe says Mahinda group.

SB Dissanayake Admits he Offered UNP MP Palitha Range Bandara 200 Million Rupees and Cabinet Minister Portfolio and Says Making Such Offers are not Bribes.

Minister S.B.Dissanayake today admitted that the UPFA had only the support of 105 MPs at the moment but said they were ready to show 116 on the 14th, the day Parliament reconvenes after prorogation.

Addressing a news briefing, Minister Dissanayake said he was in contact with a number of Parliamentarians of the TNA, SLMC and ACMC to woo them to the UPFA and added he was confident that UPFA would be in a position to show the support of 116 MPs.

Minister Dissanayake pointed out that the TNA had disintegrated to four groups and the SLMC and ACMC had also problems. As such the UNP could not expect the support of all members of these minority parties, he said.

Responding to a journalist on his failed attempt to rope in UNP MP Range Bandara by offering him a cabinet position, Minister Dissanayake said he has talked to many UNP members and will continue to do so until the 14th.

He said Mr. Bandara had earlier agreed to accept Rs. 200 million but later come down to Rs. 80 million and added offering a ministerial portfolio to get his support was not a bribe. (Sandun A Jyasekera)

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