On November 14 – Expect a physical assaults on MP’s in the Parliament

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today decided that when Parliament convenes on November 14 the vote on who has majority support to form a Government will be taken.

The decision was taken when party leaders met the Speaker today to decide the agenda for November 14. 

JVP the True Leaders of the country.

JVP MP’s are known for honesty and who truly work for people of Sri Lanka. Mahinda group knew that they will be unable to buy any one from JVP and did not use their full force fearing that JVP will expose to the world if there were any attempt to bribe them. JVP are unpopular in the North and East of Sri Lanka because they have never taken meaningful steps to support to solve the problems of the Tamils to date.

Muslims and Upcountry MP’s

After millions of US dollars and ministerial posts were offered surprisingly only few MP’s from Ranils group moved to Mahinda’s side. Specially the Muslims and Upcountry MP’s who are known for moving sides so that they can help their community stayed firm with Ranil. Few Muslim MP’s may move on the last day.

TNA and Political Package.

The TNA MP’s who had been cheated by the Mahinda who promised 13+ amendment in 2009 and never implemented it until 2015 when he lost.

TNA refused to buy the bluff of Mahinda who have promised a NEW political package if TNA supports him now. Mahinda had not openly said what his political package for Tamils were, while Maithiri have said he will NOT allow a federal style political package as long has he is the president.

To date only ONE mp had been bouht by Mahinda group and one more is expected to move on the last day.

Mahinda – Maithiri says NO to Voting.

The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) told the Speaker today that they object to a vote being taken on November 14 on who has majority support to form a Government, obviously because they were unable to buy MP’s from Ranils group.

However all other political parties which are not part of the new Government wanted the vote taken on November 14.

The Speaker said that based on the opinion of a majority of Parliament members he has decided to suspend the standing orders of Parliament after the main items on the agenda on November 14 are completed, and take the vote of confidence on the Government. 

President Maithripala Sirisena convened Parliament on November 14 after he prorogued the House last month and fales promises of promissing 5th and then 7th..

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