UK should NOT interfere in our affairs we have Bribed and know how to bribe the British MP’s.

Minister of National Integration, Reconciliation, and Official Languages Vasudeva Nanayakkara today slammed Speaker Karu Jayasuriya for meeting diplomats in Parliament, after Parliament was prorogued. In a media statement the Minister said that he was “shocked” that the Speaker entertained diplomats in his Parliament office after Parliament was prorogued, including the Ambassadors of the US and UK.

He noted that the US and UK had recently raised concerns over the alleged unconstitutional changes by President Maithiri and said that this was affairs of our state and they should not interfere.

 A supporter said that these US and UK Governments did not oppose or take any meaningful action against the Mahinda government when more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed and more than 1000 LTTE leaders and their family members who surrendered with white flag after UN negotiated the surrender were killed by Sri Lankan forces.
The Sri Lankan government under Mahinda had bribed Indian and British MP’s to help them cover up the Human Rights abuses by the government forces on Tamils.

Ian Paisley lobbied Cameron on Sri Lanka without disclosing family ……/ian-paisley-lobbied-cameron-on-sri-lanka-witho…
18 Jul 2018 – North Antrim DUP MP Ian Paisley breached Commons rules on paid advocacy by writing to the PM to lobby against a UN resolution on Sri Lanka without disclosing family holidays paid for by. … and hospitality from the Sri Lankan Government within the previous 12 months. ….
25 Jul 2018 – G.L. Peiris said today that the government of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had to bribe British MPs with FREE Holidays and other …

Pakistan supports consolidation of democratic process in Sri Lanka

US urges Sri Lanka to reconvene Parliament immediately

Commonwealth tells Sri Lanka to uphold democratic practices

EU, UK, Canada continue to push for Sri Lanka’s Parliament to meet

UK concerned over developments in Sri Lanka

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