Parliament dissolved from midnight – Mahinda failed to get 113 MP’s to support him has the NEW PM.

Elections set for January 5th by President

Mahinda and Maithiri failed to get the expected 113 MP’s which they have been saying for a week that they have got it.  President Maithiri had postponed the parliment from 5th to 7th and than to 14th of November expecting that they can buy MP’s supporting Ranil.

But ‘NOT FOR SALE’ by the  UNP, TNA, Muslims and Upcountry MP’s was not only a shock to the Fraudulent Mahinda – Maithiri group but even to the Sri Lankan public because in the past specially during the rule of Mahinda Sri Lankan MP’s were like dead chickens who will support any fraudulent  contracts for financial gain.

MR- MS group was able to buy only 5 MP’s to date and others refused to sell them hence Mahinda and Maithiri group decided to dissolve the parliament to avoid the embarrassment of loosing in the parliament.

MR-MS tried to ‘BUY’ the UNP, TNA, Muslims and Upcountry MP’s. Interestingly it was claimed that they were Offering ”A Ministerial Portfolio and Rs. 200 Million” to every MP to cross over and the news were that Mahinda’s new Minister SB Dissanayake Admitted he Offered UNP MP Palitha Range Bandara 200 Million Rupees and Cabinet Minister Portfolio and Says Making Such Offers are not Bribes (Under Mahindas rule).

President Maithripala Sirisena has signed the proclamation to dissolve Parliament with effect from midnight today, co-Cabinet Spokesman State Minister keheliya Rambukwella told Daily Mirror.

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Mahinda Rajapaksa took this action because there are several serious lawsuits before courts and they cannot be turned back.

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