UNP, JVP to go to Supreme Court

The United National Party (UNP) and Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) have decided to go to the Supreme Court against dissolving the parliament. They will be filing a petition on 12 November.

According to the 19th Constitution, the parliament can be dissolved only after the completion of four and half years of the government’s tenure, or with 2/3 approval of the parliament, or by defeating a budget proposal. Therefore, dissolving the parliament at this moment is illegal, they said. The decision taken by the President to appoint a new Prime Minister on 26 October was also unconstitutional.

Even though they were asked to convene the parliament immediately and resolve the issue, reconvening of the parliament was postponed from 5th to 7th and than to 14th November. But because the President and Maithiri failed to get the UNP, Tamil and Muslim MP’s to cross over,  the target of 113 MP’s was a failure to Mahinda and Maithiri.

Mahinda and Maithiri boasted that they have got more than 120 and tried to buy the MPs  Offering ”A Ministerial Portfolio and Rs. 200 Million”, Also when the purchase of MP’s were exposed Mahinda group said that  Offering ”A Ministerial Portfolio and Rs. 200 Million” to get MP’s support was NOT a Bribe.

Furthermore, the President yesterday (8) stated that he will not dissolve the parliament or go for a referendum. The situation has now changed.

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