Will SC would nullify Prez’s order to dissolve the parliament?

Within the background of several petitions to SC against the legality of dissolution of parliament, I must say that this change of party membership has to be viewed with lots of skepticism about possible threat to the independence of the justice in general & of the SC in particular. That is b’cos, SC decision on the said issue has direct implications on the mp positions.

According the constitution, mp s are required to stay within the original party until parliament is dissolved and therefore, if the SC nullified the Prez order to dissolve the parliament, any mp who change party membership will lose their mp position.

SLPP is not even an accepted party in the current parliament nor is it a member of UPFA until now. Even if SLPP obtain UPFA membership, it won’t change the complexion at all b’cos all SLPP members came to the parliament as SLFP members.

Therefore, taking a risk of losing the mp position may suggest that they have a very high confidence of the nature of the SC verdict! That is the reason for my worry!

Does this mean the possibility of Rs 500 millions set to be delivered to some members of the SC as well? The whole world now knows as a fact that both the sitting Prez (MY 3) & the ex (MaRa) tried to buy mp s to get 113 in the parliament and that the failure of this dirty scheme finally forced their hand to dissolve the parliament illegally. It is also a fact that MaRa has a history of intervening with the justice system – SC included – to get favorable verdicts. Within this background, who could say with 100 % certainty, he wouldn’t try the same tactic this time around as well?

My take on this as follows: I have 99.9 % confidence that the SC would nullify Prez’s order to dissolve the parliament. The reason for my high confidence is based on my belief that the justice system would highly appreciate the independence they were given by the 19 A and therefore judges would try their best to preserve the newly earned freedom & respect.

But, I also left a tiny margin of .01% not as an error but b’cos judges, no matter how educated & how civilized, are also human who could fall prey to instincts like greed & Rs 500 millions is a big enough attraction to make mouths of those who could have influences on SC judges (i. e, wives) wet!

However, the braveness & integrity of vast majority of mp s who didn’t fall prey to greed also should stand an example not just to members of the justice system – SC included – but for all citizens who yearn for moral integrity among our leaders! I think that this unprecedented act of high morality shown by them itself is a very good sign that SL democracy can withstand any future threats coming from people like MY 3 & MaRa!

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