Come for a vote if you have a spine, Sajith challenges Mahinda

UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa says that, the current crisis is not an issue between political parties. This is an issue between democracy and dictatorship; between civility and incivility; between humanity and inhumanity; between truth and lie, he said.

He stated this addressing the UNP rally held near the Lipton roundabout this evening (15).

“Some think there had been no big change happened in the past three and half years. However, we saw that we now have an independent judiciary”, said Premadasa.

Sajith Premadasa said that they praise, appreciate and respect the Speaker for fearlessly protecting the democracy and the constitution.

“You can see that the party who are gained power without a mandate is afraid of elections. That is why they behaved in such an uncivilized manner at the parliament”, he said.

Deputy Leader of UNP says, “We challenge the government, if they have a spine, to come for a vote at the parliament on the no confidence motion. I challenge the minority in the parliament, the SLPP –if they are able—to come for a vote, for a third time, at the parliament tomorrow (16).”

“Many distort what I say and plant fake news within people. I urge you not to believe anything if you didn’t see it coming from my own mouth”, Premadasa further said.

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