Cannot accept how majority shown today: President

President Maithripala Sirisena who supports Mahinda a moment ago had informed the United National Front (UNF) that he cannot accept the manner in which the opposition including UNF demonstrated majority’s support in Parliament today (16).

The President had pointed out that the Parliament session was held, amid abusive environment in the Parliament, without adhering to Parliamentary traditions and violating standing orders. The videos clearly shows that the Mahinda faction was causing the trouble by occupying the speakers chair, through Chilli powder and water bottles at the UNP MP’s, assaulting the police officers and causing damage to government properties.

The President who supports Mahinda who has only 93 MP’s support against the 122 MP’s supporting Ranil had further added that he will continue to recognize Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Premier, although Ranil clearly has the Majority MP’s support. Some SLFP MP’s have now decided to call off their support to Mahinda due to the unacceptable behaviour of the SLPP MP’s.

Mahinda who thought that he can ‘BUY’ MP’s from Ranils group failed. Mahinda is unable to get 113 MP’s to support him so his group of MP’s are disrupting the normal parliament procedures hence the current political crisis will therefore continue for the next two days.

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