Five Top Diplomats In Colombo Warn Sirisena Of Dire Consequences

maithiri -m-01Five Top Diplomats In Colombo Warn Sirisena Of Dire Consequences: Sirisena Delays Official Response To Speaker’s Letter

Heads of five diplomatic missions in Colombo have met President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss the current political crisis and expressed strong displeasure at the developments in Parliament on Thursday and Friday, Colombo Telegraph learns.

Among those who met Sirisena were the heads of diplomatic missions of the US, UK, the European Union and Australia, informed diplomatic sources told Colombo Telegraph.

They had informed Sirisena that his administration would face “dire consequences”, especially in the diplomatic sphere, if the crisis persisted. They had asserted that Sirisena should take the lead in resolving the crisis, without delay.

At a meeting with one diplomat, Sirisena had said he had assurances from several key UPFA MPs that former President Rajapaksa commanded majority support in the House. The President had said he appointed Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister based on such assurances.

 It is against this backdrop that Sirisena has delayed responding to the letter sent by Jayasuriya yesterday informing that the second No-Confidence Motion against Mahinda Rajapaksa was adopted by Parliament.

Although the President, at a meeting with SLPP MPs, said that he did not accept the second No-Confidence Motion, he has not officially informed his opinion to the Speaker thus far.

Sirisena, when he met party leaders supporting the No Confidence Motion earlier this week, said he would resolve the current political crisis within “two-three” days. However, when he informed the SLPP MPs that he did not accept the results of the second NCM, the matter came back to square one.

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