Speaker Promises Stern Action On MPs Who Breached Discipline In Parliament

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, addressing a party leaders meeting earlier today, had raised grave concerns over the developments that took place in parliament, last week.

Issuing a statement a short while ago, the Speaker’s Office said Jayasuriya promised strict action on those who breached discipline in the House by launching chilli powder attacks, bringing knives into the chamber, damaging public property and misusing the Speaker’s Chair.


  • Bringing sharp objects into the Chamber,
  • Using chilli powder in the Chamber,
  • Misusing the Speaker’s Chair.

NO ACTION ON ? VIDEO EVIDENCE IS AVAILABLE (These actions are punishable by law)

  • Assaulting police officers
  • Breaking Speakers mike
  • Breaking Chairs and throwing at others
  • Rs. 4.5 million, being the cost of one parliamentary sitting, went down the gurgles. 

The Speaker added he had already called for reports from relevant parties into these incidents. He also stated that he received information that plans were afoot to disrupt Parliamentary sessions today as well and, as a result, he took measures to beef up security in the Parliament premises. Jayasuriya said he brought the matter to the attendtion of the IGP, the Director of the Parliament Security Division, the Seargent-at-Arms and the Defence Ministry Secretary.

The Speaker also informed the party leaders that he looked into claims that there was a planned attempt to bring political supporters to the public gallery and cause disruptions to the proceedings. There was no evidence, the Speaker said, to prove such claims. However, he told the party leaders that he was ready to reveal the details about the passes issued to all MPs to bring visitors to the public gallery.

The Speaker also added that the party leaders discussed the appointment of a Parliamentary Select Committee to probe into violent incidents that took place in Parliament, last week.

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