Mahinda Gang charged with serious crimes ranging from murder, financial embezzlement, money laundering, and corruptional abuse

A Politico-Criminal Gang Battling The Constitution

By Shyamon Jayasinghe –

Shyamon Jayasinghe

“Officials who carry out illegal orders will have to learn from the  plight of Lalith Weeratunge who is behind bars while the boss is safe in the arms, not of Jesus, but of Legal Immunity.”

The Profile of the Gang

Evidently clear, Sri Lanka now is the unfortunate scene of a politco-criminal gang running a government by sheer force against a democratically mandated government that is trying hard to save the constitution from the ravage of the monsters.

 This isn’t a surprise to political observers. With hindsight, at least, we know it had to happen. Look at the key front-liners of the Mahinda Rajapaksa-led joint opposition – Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa, Wimal Weerawansa, Gammanpila, Johnston Fernando, Aluthgamage, Prasanna Ranaweera, Prasanna Rantunaga and others. They are all charged with serious crimes ranging from murder, financial embezzlement, money laundering, and corruptional abuse. Susil Premjayanth has questions hanging over his head with regard to the  scandal in petrol price hedging.

It is also to be expected that the others in the first ring have no future unless thay hang onto this gang. Without Mahinda, Professor GL Peiris has simply no identity and cannot think of a future. Hence, he trots behind the boss like an obedient poodle-grateful for any nod of assent that maybe shown by the master and nervously waiting for acknowledgement all the time.  GL has sacrificed his brilliant brain so cheaply. How low-priced life can be! The Professor is ever ready to rationalise all the demeaning doings of the boss and his immediate circle.

In the same bracket although far less intellectually endowed is Mahinda Samarasinghe. My heart breaks to watch my campus mate-another intellectually superior man- Sarath Amunugama – miserably spinning for the gang. Also included in this ring are Vitharana, Vasu, and DEW.  DEW long ago abandoned the revolution and kept looking for fall-outs from the political leadership.All these persons and more form the second ring of the politico-criminal  gang. Vasu can be excused of anything because he is a madcap. The other two are pathetic fibbers and falsifiers given to the false way of living- the opposite of samma aajeeva.

Following that ring are the fellows who have less than year-ten in education – Prasanna Ranaweera and Sanath Nishantha have barely seen schooling years as they dropped off at year – four. Arundika Fernando has achieved year-ten. Ranjith Soyza managed to go up to year-ten. Who threw the chillie powder  is not yet known. Lacking, as they are, in grey matter and the self-discipline that the latter substance brings, these guys are ready to use muscle and go on the assault for the masters in the first and second rings. They are reported to have soiled the seat of the Speaker with water. Arundika would have felt a thrill going down his spine when he forcefully sat on the Speaker’s seat. The Speaker is the  highest authority of Parliament; Parliament constitutes the peoples’ representatives and, therefore, represents the peoples’ sovereignty. It is the legislature. Arundika would have felt himself the sovereign of the sovereign. What a goat!

The Example for Younger Generations

The above is a very brief profile of the politico-criminal gang that has come to ornate our beautiful island. They have turned all social values upside down.  Illustration  by example from the top has, surely, a demonstrative impact on other levels of our society. How do they expect our children  to behave? We train kids at our homes, our schools, our Daham Paasel and our church and mosques gatherings how to behave as decent and civilised beings; how to interact respectfully with other kids; how to tolerate and how to be compassionate. We teach them to be law-abiding and to grow up as law-abiding citizens. The behaviour of the politco-criminal gang in the highest institution of our country more than suggests to younger generations that these are all pseudo social values that do not yield material benefit.

Blessing in Disguise

One blessing in disguise is that Mahinda Rajapaksa’s true nature is revealed. He has stripped himself naked and joined the other venal blokes who stand stark naked for all to see. Mahinda from his early days is said to have been disregardful of the law and he had close associates who have been musclemen.  He and his family are amoral individuals lacking in moral sensitivity. Mahinda’s amorality was discerned in many of his actions while he was President Supremo. He ran a corrupt government where corruption had been franchised right down to the Pradeshiya Sabha level. Mahinda never reprimanded his men when they transgressed the law. On the other hand, he did pay courtesy every-time one of his foul men went to remand or prison. Here, he was being honest with himself-for once.

Busting the Criminal Cases

It is also clear to the people that the gang has been formed and now operates without masquerades in order to bust the serious criminal cases lined up against them in the Special High Courts. Gamini Senerat’s case is now on and is being heard until the end. Poor Lalith Weeratinge and his fellow are already in jail. Gnanasara – the violent Bhikku- has been officially recognised as a jailbird and is in jumpers.The latter tries to preach bana (sermons) but other buddies in jail have a contempt for him. Gotabaya’s embezzlement cases is coming up in the first week of December. Johnston’s is coming up. Aluthagamage’s and Wimal Weerawnsa’s case are coming up. Gammanpila’s fraud case is coming up. In most of these cases, as we saw in the instance of Lalith Weeratunge, Mahinda Rajapakse’s name will be badly implicated – although he is insulated by a stupid legal immunity. In that name of immunity all crimes are sacred. 

Officials who carry out illegal orders will have to learn from the  plight of Lalith Weeratunge who is behind bars while the boss is safe in the arms, not of Jesus, but of legal immunity. Nature will turn back against all this and not even Sirisena can save them.

Moves in Force to Save Criminals

Right at this time, there is a concerted attempt to save some of those above accused. The Chief investigating officer of the CID, Nishanatha Silva, who was handling many of these cases has been transferred overnight. The most recent case Nishanatha took over was handled with dexterity. That was the case of alleged kidnapping for ransom by Navy personal. Eleven innocent kids had been kidnapped and killed. Sirisena rushed to the defence of the navy man and not the murdered innocents. He berated Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his team for having tried to harass a ranaviruwa!  What a ranaviruwa that was who was reportedly responsible for the appalling murder of eleven kids taken for ransom! This incident was one of a string of episodes where Sirisena fell out with Ranil.

Mind you, this is the holy President who went round during the local government elections saying he wants nothing but “a government free of corruption.” Indeed, he has now joined the gang who are free of corruption! Sirisena is a fellow who can lie several times and serially without batting an eyelid. Don’t forget he was part and parcel of the  Rajapakse team who were basically amoral characters.

To Hell with the Constitution!

It is absolutely clear that this whole business since the dreadful Friday night of the 26th October 2018 had been hatched for a  period of about three months. President Sirisena, said to be on Basil’s advice, decide to ask the constitution to go to hell.  He first sacked the ruling Prime Minister. That was illegal. He next appointed Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister. That was illegal. He next, prorogued Parliament. That was illegal again. Now the democratic forces  who enjoy the majority in Parliament are going to pass a resolution withdrawing financial allocation for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s office. The argument is valid: There is no  Prime minister. Hence there is no need for funds. Financial allocations are Parliament’s responsibility.

However,  I guess Sirisena and Mahinda  will find the funds by coercion. What else is in their armour but coercion and thuggery? How can thuggery be met in the absence of law and order but by return force? The potential for a free -for -all and for bloodletting is real. The UNP and its allies have been hitherto very patient. But, as witnessed at the recent massive gatherings they were able to summon at short notice and without offer of money or spoilt milk, the latter have the people behind them. People know that Mahinda Rajapakse is behind all this. To that extent Mahinda’s image will, surely, fall. He will be seen less and less as the mythical “war hero,” and more and more for what is visible  and transparent in him. It is a saying that only rogues enter through the backdoor. 


Well, Mahinda did just. As the one -time hero, Mahinda would walk head high. Now, he operates like a rodent sneaking his way through illegal channels. Somebody said in Sinhala: “Sinhaya Balu wuna.”(The lion became a dog). 

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