Mahinda going to take action against the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) for its active involvement with the LTTE.


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In 2005 Presidential election LTTE blocked the Tamils who were going to vote for Ranil and due to this Mahinda won. It is claimed Mahinda group paid large some of money to LTTE to stop the Tamils from voting for Ranil.

Housing and Social Welfare Minister Wimal Weerawansa yesterday admitted that he, on behalf of the previous Rajapaksa government, accepted responsibility for the then administration’s failure to initiate action against the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) for its active involvement with the LTTE.

Minister Weerawansa said so when The Island sought an explanation at a media briefing called by the government at the Prime Minister’s Office as to how the previous government conveniently forgot to inquire into the TNA role during the war, especially recognition of the LTTE terrorist group in 2001 as the sole representative of the Tamil speaking people, receiving the LTTE help to stuff ballot boxes at the 2004 parliamentary polls, ordering the northerners not to exercise their franchise at 2005 presidential election and essentially standing with the LTTE till the very end of the war in 2009…………………..  the Rajapaksa government never bothered to inquire into such allegations until it was ousted in January 2015…………….. READ ALL


It is interesting to note that the conflict between Prez Sirisena and the ousted PM Ranil Wickremesinghe over the latter’s purported hesitance to take action on allegations of acts of high profile corruption against the leaders of the Rajapaksa regime, had ended up in the President teaming up with the same Rajapaksas. The recent turn of events and the new political alignments were as if the President telling …………………………….. The country wouldn’t have been driven into the current mess had Mahinda Rajapaksa whom the President appointed Prime Minister on October 26 mustered sufficient members from other parties to prove his majority in the Parliament. His failure to do so led his loyalists to run riot in the Parliament, vandalizing its chamber last week and the same reason threatens today’s proceeding of the House as well.   ………………… READ ALL

Leader of Pivithuru Hela Urumaya, Buddhasasana and Religious Affairs Minister Udaya Gammanpila said that he requested the Supreme Court to appoint a full-bench of judges to consider the petitions that have been filed against the dissolution of Parliament. Is it because Mahinda group were unable to buy the three Judges?

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