Church advises against children seeing rowdy conduct of parliamentary proceedings

Parish priest of St Anne’s Church, Kurana, Negombo, Rev Father Cyril Gamini Fernando yesterday lashed out at power hungry parliamentarians causing constitutional crisis at the expense of the country.

The former Catholic Church spokesman, in his Sunday sermon, alleged that the country was in a sorry state for want of national leadership.

Referring to allegations pertaining to some lawmakers switching allegiance to rival political parties for personal benefit, Rev. Father Fernando called for urgent remedial measures.

Commenting on incidents in parliament during the third week of Nov following the reconvening of the House on 14, the priest said such rowdy conduct should be rejected by all. He advised against children seeing parliamentary proceedings while urging lawmakers to mend their ways or face the consequences.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church will address current political crisis at a discussion organized at Ave Maria Convent, today (26) at 5 pm. The discussion will be chaired by Rt. Rev. Dr. Winston Fernando, Chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SF)

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