Tamils Leader Prabhakaran’s Birthday Celebrated Widely – Defying Confusing Magisterial Orders

Confusion reigns supreme in Jaffna and the North-East today as thousands of people came forward defying magisterial orders to celebrate the birthday of the Tamils Leader Prabhakaran, The North was a sea of red and yellow flags symbolizing the Tamil National colour. Jaffna is at its noisiest today. 

The LTTE Graveyards (called Maaveerar Thuyilum Illam, or Great Heroes’ Sleeping House) in Kopay, Uduthurai and Chaati are all places of great celebration of the “Great Heroes of the LTTE”.  In addition 7 LTTE Graveyards in Mullaitivu, 2 in Kilinochchi, 2 in Mannar and 1 in Vavuniya are locations seeing a sea of people gathering to celebrate.

The University of Jaffna has been decorated as if it is a huge cemetery. Loudspeakers blaring LTTE songs are so noisy that they can be heard up to the Thinnaveli Market which is about 1.5 km away. 

Jaffna Hindu College is also celebrating, and the crowds are so huge that KKS Road where the school is located is almost impassable. All of the Passaiyoor Coast is blocked by the crowds celebrating. 

Significantly, commemorative celebrations are also held by huge crowds gathering at the ITAK Office on Martyn Road, Jaffna which leads to the Jaffna Railway Station. 

  • The Jaffna Magistrate, S. Saseekaran, when the police applied for a ban on LTTE leader’s birthday celebrations, prohibited the use of LTTE symbols, but said that remembering dead persons cannot be stopped.
  • The Kayts Magistrate, A. Judeson, when the police applied for a ban on LTTE Commemorations, banned LTTE symbols but strangely not commemorative songs which anyway always hold up the LTTE and it agenda.
  • The Batticaloa Magistrate, when faced with a similar request for a ban from the police, banned everything that is an LTTE symbol, including commemorative songs.

Despite these magisterial bans, a school in Puthukudiyiruppu even put up an LTTE flag on a power line.

A university observer said that President Maithripala Sirsena’s lead in ignoring the highest law of the land, our constitution, has led to this total lack of law and order in the country as different magistrates give different rulings and even these are disobeyed in the confusion.

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