Fund to help ex LTTE combatants integrate into society

A fund to enable rehabilitated LTTE combatants to begin afresh consequent to their social re-integration will be established.

Rehabilitation, Resettlement, Northern Development and Hindu Religious Affairs Minister Douglas Devananda, on his recent tour in the Jaffna district said he will take action to help former LTTE combatants in their social integration.

Under the state rehabilitation programme, close to 13,000 former combatants have been rehabilitated.

The Minister stated that the Office of the Rehabilitation Commissioner General had done a commendable service in the rehabilitation of these ex-combatants.

Devananda said he would obtain from the State all what is necessary for creation of the right environment for them to lead happy lives as ordinary citizens, consequent to their social re-integration.

Minister also said that to put the life of the rehabilitated ex-combatants back on track and make them useful citizens to society is the sole aim of the State and to realise this objective help is of immense importance from all quarters.

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