whether the alleged crimes and offences against Ranil are grater than those raised by you at the last Presidential Election campaign, and after, about Mahinda Rajapaksa?

President Maithripala Opinion Sirisena is obviously enjoying the new game that both he and so-called ‘Prime Minister’ Mahinda Rajapaksa has introduced to Sri Lanka.

Boycott is the new political game in our threatened Democracy.

It is the Boycott Keliya. Members of the so-called Government are enjoying this game that ensures them of all the privileges of team play, without the actual game they were elected to or crookedly pulled into the team.

The game today is the Chamber Boycott. We can’t help being reminded of the chamber pot politics of the players in this game. Parliament comprises the Government and the Opposition, and the Government usually has the majority in the Chamber. We are in a situation when a so-called Government has no majority in the Chamber. The Opposition to this so-called governing authority has it. Therefore, the Chamber Boycott.

It is a wonderful play for this Boycott Team. They talk loud of boycotting parliament – ‘parlimenthuva varrjanaya karanava’ not a ‘sabha garba varjanaya’. But, they only boycott the Chamber. They don’t boycott or even cut down on any of the privileges of being a member of parliament, by election or crooked dragging in. Which means they boycott the very purpose they were sent to parliament – to discuss matters of national or administrative importance and take decisions on them. Nothing of the sort. Boycott.

They don’t boycott the parliamentary restaurant, with all that subsidized food they are served. They don’t boycott the air-conditioned parliamentary office rooms, with luxurious comfort for meetings, interviews with the media, and also for inner-party or inter-party meetings.

They wallow in the Privileges of Parliament. They may lose some of the allowances given for attending committees, that don’t take place. But they certainly enjoy the fuel and phone allowances, as well as the health services and any massage facilities, too. Their monthly salaries will not be affected, as well as the monthly one lakh payments for their electorate offices. Privilege is the Stuff of Democracy in Sri Lanka today; so how can politicians even think of Boycotting Privilege?

But it looks like Opinion Sirisena is also carrying out a Boycott Game of his own. He talks about appointing a Presidential Commission to probe into his former partner Ranil Wickremesinghe’s corruption. Go ahead, all corruption must be exposed. But, why did it take so long to think of it? Do you probe only your political divorcees?

What about the boycott of that Commission to inquire into serious acts of fraud, corruption and abuse of power, state resources and privileges, better known by its acronym ‘PRECIFAC’. How many months ago, was it submitted to you? Is it not true that the Commission has recommended legal action on 34 cases where the parties named include former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers Basil and Gotabaya? When will you even publish that? Are you enjoying a Commission Boycott or Komissama Varjanaya?

Can you tell us what took you so long to send the entire report of the Presidential Commission into the Bond Scam? Were you doing a boycott of the pages that had the names of those who got millions in cash cheque gifts – for election expenses, penthouse rents and other needs, from the Perpetual Aloysian Felon?

Will you tell us, Mr. Opinion President, if and what role you played in getting that OIC of the CID, Mr. Nishantha Silva, transferred to Negombo Police, giving up all his inquiries into the killing of journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge, abduction and killing of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda, abduction of journalist Keith Noyal, and assaults on other journalists? Was OIC Nishantha Silva wrong to carry out the much delayed probe into the abduction and killing of 11 youths, allegedly by personnel of the Navy?

Was this another aspect of your own Boycott Game, the Yahapalana Varjana Keliya? With the concerns you expressed earlier about the arrest of heavily and decoratively uniformed personnel of the Armed Services (certainly not the real Heroes of War), what do you think today about the stay at Welikade Remand by Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ravi Wijeguneratne? Wasn’t the delay in his arrest another aspect of your Boycott Game?

Just another inquiry. At your recent meeting with Foreign Correspondents, one correspondent asked whether the alleged crimes and offences against Ranil W are graver than those raised by you at the last Presidential Election campaign, and after, about Mahinda Rajapaksa? Are these charges against MR not valid anymore?

There was an excellent opinionated reply: No politician can come together taking into consideration the allegations of the past. Joining is always on new policies… The Opinion special in Maithri Politics!

We don’t know what these new policies are. What is noticeable, from appointments by the so-called MR government (headed by Opinion Sirisena) is the corrupt of the past are very much back in place. How long would it take for all those cases against the Rajapaksa Regime lined up in various courts to be removed? Isn’t that part of the new policies you speak of? Is that not a key aspect of the Yahapalana Varjana Keliya or Boycott Game you are engaged in?

Looks like the people of this country will need much more than a Madu Valigey to deal with the players in this new Boycott Game from Parliament to the Presidency!

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