The role of the opposition in Sri Lanka should be to work against the government even if the Gov. do good – says SLFP

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) should decide either to ally with the United National Party (UNP) or to sit in the opposition, SLFP MP Kanchana Wijesekera said. He told a news briefing the recent conduct of the TNA had been quite partial to the UNP in Parliament. “We witnessed the TNA voting in favour of the confidence motion in support of Ranil Wickremesinghe. They cannot continue to be like this. If they are to play the role of the opposition they should work against the government,” he said.

MP Kanchana WijesekeraIn Sri Lanka the opposition parties must work against the government even if the government is doing  something right was the aim of the appeal and angry that they were unable to topple the government.

The SLFP and Mahinda’s SLPP MP’s who tried to topple the government were surprised by the stand took by the minority parties, they thought that they can buy the minority MP’s with the ”Million dollar and Minster post for each MP’s who crosses over”

  • JVP took a firm stand from day one to safeguard the interest of the country and opposed the toppling of government. It is learnt that the Mahinda group were reluctant to approach the JVP MP’s with the package of ”Million dollar and Minster post for each MP’s who crosses over” because JVP were too clean and will never accept bribes.
  • TNA MP’s were approached and only ONE crossed over and one agreed to be neutral fearing his constituency people will protest.
  • Muslim groups who normally cross over for benefits were two minded and eventually decided to stay with Ranil.
  • Up country Tamil groups who were expected to cross over decided to stay with Ranil, Mano Ganesan took the lead to keep the group together. One of there MP was jumping from one to a another every day.

SLFP said if the TNA wished they could form a government with 117 seats in Parliament with the UNP and added that won’t happen because TNA had said they would not join any party to form a coalition government. “If they want to support the UNP, they should handover their opposition post to a party that has secured the most number of seats in parliament. They cannot sit on the fence,” he added

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