TNA bows out of fight to get Opposition Leadership

The TNA would not resort to legal action to retain the post of Opposition Leader in parliament, its MP Mavai Senathiraja said, on Saturday.

Addressing the media, in Jaffna, the MP said that his party would not legally contest the appointment of Mahinda Rajapaksa to the post of Opposition Leader which had been held by TNA MP R Sampanthan. However, the TNA has pointed out to the Speaker and Leader of the House that the appointment of the Opposition Leader should be done in keeping with the constitutional provisions.

The TNA has nothing against Rajapaksa or any MP becoming the Opposition leader but that should be done in keeping with the parliamentary traditions, Constitution and Standing Orders of Parliament.

The MP said that Rajapaksa was currently a member of the SLPP and, therefore, he did not even have right to identify himself an MP because his new party was not represented in Parliament.

Asked whether the draft of the proposed new Constitution would be ready by Feb 4, the MP said that he would not comment on the issue as TNA leader R. Sampanthan had already explained the party’s position with regard to the Constitution.

The MP also said that his party would not abandon its struggle to get the Tamil political prisoners freed from prison.

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