There’re still over 16 refugee camps in Jaffna



Even though the war ended almost ten years ago, there are still over 16 refugee camps in Jaffna, said National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) Coordinator Anthony Jesudasan.

Around 200 families have been sheltered in some camps, but they only have two lavatories, he added.

Addressing a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday (22), he said not only the South, but also lecturers of the Jaffna University are unaware of the fact that there are still refugee camps in Jaffna.

At the press briefing, civil organization representatives severely criticized the statement made by the President that 90 per cent of military occupied lands in the North and East have been released. They further pointed out that government forces and a number of state institutions have forcibly acquired personal and public lands, and statistics quoted by the President are not true.

When we look at the actions of the President in the recent past, we doubt whether we can trust him, Anthony Jesudasan added.

He went on to say that the Army seeking funds from the government to return military occupied lands of the Tamil people in the North is a ‘funny act’, adding that it is the people who had been evicted from their lands for over three decades must be compensated.

Although President Maithripala Sirisena had promised to return all lands by the end of last year, he has not fulfilled his promise thus far, he emphasized.

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