Sri Lanka had turned into a Drug Haven by 2014

JaffnaDrugsGraphicMinister of Justice and Prison Reforms Thalatha Atukorale stated that certain Prisons Department officers and Police officers were among those who were detained by Dubai Police early this month. She stated that the country had turned into a drug haven by 2014.

Atukorale also said that instead of judicial zones, there will be administrative Districts and administrative electorates where JPs will be in charge.

The Minister revealed this at an event to appoint new JPs in Kahawatta, Ratnapura yesterday. Over 220 JPs were appointed at the event.

Speaking further, the Minister said, “We hope all of you will serve the country efficiently. However, the public were questioning the work rendered by some JPs in the past. This position is a respected position and it is your duty not to honour it as best as you can. A few years ago, there were a few JPs who had various allegations against them. At that time even those involved in the illegal drugs trade were also given this post. Hence, we intend to bring new laws to protect the dignity of this office. Licences to JPs should not be given to those who have committed any crimes.”

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