No peace in Sri Lanka without justice and accountability says British Foreign Secretary

The British Foreign Secretary has said that there will never be lasting peace in Sri Lanka without justice and accountability.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt made the remarks in response to a question about Sri Lanka in parliament on Tuesday.

Gareth Thomas MP had asked:

“The rules-based international order would be strengthened if countries were seen to be held accountable for adhering to the conclusions of the United Nations Human Rights Council. What steps are Ministers taking to hold Sri Lanka to account for its failure to bring to justice those who are guilty of perpetuating major human rights abuses?”

The Foreign Secretary responded:

“This is something on which my right hon. Friend the Minister for Asia and the Pacific has done an enormous amount of work through his contacts with the Sri Lankan Government. The hon. Gentleman is absolutely right to raise that issue, not least because many members of the Sri Lankan community in this country have a great deal of concern about it. Overall, the picture in Sri Lanka is remarkably better than it was a decade ago. However, there will never be lasting peace unless there is justice and accountability for the things that went wrong.”

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