UNP nominee will win next presidential election with an overwhelming majority – Mangala

The candidate nominated by the United National Party (UNP) will win the next presidential election with an overwhelming majority, Finance Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, predicted.

“It is the die-hard UNP membership that will name the next presidential candidate later this year, and no one can prevent the our party from securing the largest landslide victory”, the Minister said, after viewing a photographic exhibition titled ‘Matara’s past three decades’ held at the Cultural Center in Nupe to celebrate his 30 years in politics.

“It was in February 1989 that H. G. Sirisena and I were first elected to parliament”, he recalled, and added “I am grateful to the organizers and the people of Matara for giving me the opportunity to rekindle memories”.

“Seeing the photographs taken 30 years ago brings me joy as well as sadness. The joy is that by making use of my political connections, I was able to bring development to Matara in the past three decades, and I am confident that I can do much more for Matara in the future”, he further said.

“Seeing the pictures also brings a degree of sadness as I have lost my hair and gone bald in the past 30 years”, he quipped.

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