Judge who aided and abetted extremism

Western Province Governor Azath Salley said today that he knew of a judge who aided and abetted extremist terrorism and that he would provide all the information to the President about the judge.

He told media in Colombo that it was reported that about three to four judges were possibly involved in supporting terrorism and that he was well aware of one such judge.

“I will be getting documents of a judge who was involved in aiding and abetting terrorism. I will hand over the documents to the President,” he said and added that he was planning to complain to the Judicial Services Commission regarding the said judge.

“I was planning to complain to the Judicial Services Commission but it was delayed by few weeks due to the Easter Sunday explosions,” he said.

When asked about the judge, Mr. Salley said he could not reveal the name but the country will get to know it when the investigations on him begin.

He said he had provided information to the security forces against Thawheed Jama’at from 1994 and said it was State Intelligence Services which had nurtured and protected extremism. 

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