Search operations find weapons, army uniforms and ammo

Many search operations were carried out throughout the island today (05) as well, leading to the discovery of weapons, army uniforms, and ammunition.

Police have found 456 sets of uniforms, which belong to the tri-forces, hidden in 04 places during a search operation carried out in Galle.

A stock of military uniforms and official badges used on Army uniforms have been found in a shop on Sea Street, in this manner.

This search operation has been conducted in a tip-off received by the Traffic OIC at the Galle Police Station.

A suspect has been arrested and the Galle Police are carrying out investigations with this regard.

Meanwhile, during an interrogation of a person arrested in Maradana-Beruwala area had led to the revelation that he had transported 50 swords from Colombo to Beruwala and distributed them to various persons.

Based on the information revealed by him, the police had seized 04 individuals and 16 swords.

On a joint mission of the Police and the Army, 27 bullets including 25 live bullets were found inside gutters on the roof of a two-storied shop in Bibile. Medagama police had later arrested the owner and an employee of the shop in connection.

More search operations were carried out in Bibile with the assistance of police canines. A shop owner has been arrested over the discovery of books and pamphlets of the IS organization.

Furthermore, during the operation, a tense situation arose as the residents of the area captured two men, dressed in female clothing, who had passed on by on a motorcycle. The two men were handed over to the police.

Meanwhile, an LTTE-manufactured RPG mortar shell and 193 bullets of 11 different types were found hidden under the stairs of a house in Epitamulla, Mirihana. A female has been arrested during this operation based on a tip-off received by Nugegoda Intelligence Unit. She will be produced before the Nugegoda Magistrate.

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