Wanted Mahinda’s SLPP PS member alleged to have fled overseas

A Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) member of the Nattandiya PS who is wanted in connection with the recent violent incidents in Nattandiya is alleged to have fled overseas.

“The SLPP member had given a leave of absence letter to the Pradeshiya Sabha administration and had gone abroad a few days after the violent incidents,” Police sources said.

Police sources said preliminary investigations reveal that the SLPP member had gone to a European country.

The Police said they will go to courts seeking a warrant for his arrest on arrival.

Police sources also said yesterday they had arrested a suspect believed to be responsible for the murder of a person in Kottarammulla after violence erupted.

The Police had also arrested another suspect who caused grievous injuries to a disabled soldier with a sharp weapon. The Police said they were looking for several other suspects who have fled the area in the aftermath of the incidents.

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