Sirisena In Election Mania Mode, Says 19A Must Be Abolished

President Sirisena has entered election mania, full on; despite being a party that actively endorsed and sponsored the implementation of 19th Amendment,he now says it dragged the country into political instability and called for it to be abolished.

Speaking an event at the BMICH Sirisena told media while 18th Amendment was full of dictatorial ambitions, the 19A dragged the country into complete political instability.

He says if 19A wasn’t implemented, the past four years would have been more fruitful and victorious for the government.

He adds what appears to be a personality issue is in fact a Constitutional crisis.

“Lot of people think PM and I are engaged in a tug of war but the truth is it’s a situation created by 19A,” Sirisena says adding 19A has also created a situation that has left a vacuum for a singular, overarching authority.

Sirisena also states the ‘post-mortem’ for the present government will be issued at the upcoming polls and calls for 18A and 19A to be abolished.

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