Gota Faces More Damage Claims In The U.S.

Torture victims who suffered appalling predicaments during Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s reign of terror from 2008 – 2013, have filed ten new claims for damages in the U.S. district court in Central California.

The papers filed on June 26 speak of appalling human rights and right to freedom from torture violations, as the plaintiffs describe the way in which they suffered at the hands of Police officers and military personnel who enjoyed protection of the Rajapaksas. The case has been led by the International Truth and Justice project.

Among the counts of torture described by victims include incidents of being whipped, being choked using plastic bags, being continuously raped and sexually assaulted and being branded with hot metal rods. The identities have been concealed to ensure the safety of the victims who consist of both Tamil and Sinhalese individuals.

The torture claims listed in the charge papers have occurred in army camps spread across the country including Galle Boossa camp, Vavuniya Joseph Camp and police stations of Colombo adn Pulmudai. The victims have identified officers from various government agencies, the CID, TID and SIS perpetrating the torture.

Among other appalling allegations including rape and sexual assault, plaintiffs say she, along with several other female tamil prisoners were given birth control injections after being raped to prevent pregnancies.

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