The unseen horror behind White Van trolling over Gota’s verdict

Prof. Chandragupta Thenuwara and journalist Gamini Viyangoda questioned Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s citizenship within the framework of Sri Lankan judiciary. 

Dismissing the writ, Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s citizenship was approved within the framework of Sri Lankan judiciary. 
This is how democracy is being demonstrated. We have no problem if the most powerful person in the opposition receive the most reasonable verdict over the government in an autonomous judiciary. 

In the end, Chandragupta and Gamini were recognized as the “bad guys” and lost the case. Gotabaya Rajapaksa won. Both can walk away from the courtroom democratically.

However, how victory won in a democratic framework is being celebrated by some of the Rajapaksists is well demonstrated in the following Facebook comments. Their intention is to offer the losers, the so called “bad guys”, a White Van tour.  

It is obvious from this commentary that the ten years of Rajapaksa rule have changed the attitude of the mass population of this country. These Rajapaksists have been trained to view anyone challenging the Rajapaksas as a terrorist, NGO, or a foreign entity and accustomed to view the barbaric measures against such a person from a reasonable angle.  

According to them, abducting anyone challenging the Rajapaksas from a White Van, murdering them thru hired assassins, or leaving them at accidents under mysterious circumstance would be the ideal solution. According to them, no innocent person was ever abducted from a White Van. 

These are the ideal checklist for the development of a country, per their say!!   

We all remember that these emerging ideas around the character of Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the ten year Rajapaksa regime were not merely out of favor. These were crimes committed and witnessed firsthand. They are being reminisced on Social Media as this. 

This is the worst case scenario for a Rajapaksa regime to regain. The fate of the ‘bad guys’ introduced by the Rajapaksas, no matter how barbaric it may sound, will remain justified by hundred thousands of loyal Rajapaksists in the name of two empty words, ‘For Country‘. 

Friends.., for the Rajapaksists who call for undemocratic punishment on behalf of the ‘bad guys’, we have a one last say.

Trolling about ‘White Van Culture’ stands funny as long as it is not your family member who is occupied by a White Van tour! 

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