Website aims to grade Presidential candidates

Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) Lanka launched a unique website today 11 Oct aimed at ensuring accountability amongst candidates in the upcoming election, at a ceremony conducted at the Sri Lankan Foundation.

CAG claims this is the first time in Sri Lanka where voters are given the privilege to choose the most suitable representative candidate amongst all the other nominees at the election by looking at data on the contestants.

CAG Lanka is a non-partisan, nonprofit advocacy organization which holds a vision “to operate as a pressure group for promoting public accountability and transparency in all forms public officers subsisting on public funds within Sri Lanka”.

The website gives the voter a background knowledge of all the candidates who are contesting for the election.

There is no legal compulsion for the candidates to sign up or provide the necessary data such as their educational qualifications, work experience or any other information.

CAG says “ the website is an accreditation, a quality certificate to certify that the nominee meets  a certain minimum standard to come before the voters.” 

The organization has made it mandatory for all individual who has been nominated for the election to apply under the Accreditation Board and agree to the following-

  1.  Declare Assets and Liabilities by signing a Deed of Declaration
  2. Sign an irrevocable Deed of Trust voluntarily vesting all undeclared assets and ill-gotten assets, if any to CAG Trust.
  3. Submit an irrevocable individual Service Agreement describing the candidates individual manifesto
  4.  Agree to an irrevocable basic Policy Statement 
  5. Irrevocably Agree to an accountable governance structure 
  6. Submit the Rating Application

Finally, the candidate is given level of accomplishment based on the final weighted average. The ratings will be classified as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Merit etc together with the star rating.

Overall the website will give a very detailed background on all the candidates, hence all the candidates can make the correct choice by referring to star rating. The information on the website will not be inaccurate as there’s an Executive Accreditation Board and a Board of Governance who will be rechecking the information.

“Unlike any other tie in Sri Lankan history, this will be a unique opportunity for any responsible and robust citizens to come forward through a system of meritocracy, pragmatism and honesty,” CAG says.  

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