AG instructs police to arrest former MP Jaya Sri Ranga

Attorney General Dappula de Livera has instructed police today (16 Oct) to arrest the former parliamentarian and talk show host Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam aka Jaya Sir Ranga and 6 others including police officers over a fatal accident that took place in Vavuniya in 2011.

According to police an unregistered vehicle driven by former MP Jaya Sri Ranga had met with an accident near the Settikulam hospital in Vavuniya on 30 July 2011.

The vehicle had collided head-on with a tree on the side of the road killing the police sergeant who was the MP’s bodyguard.

After the accident, the former MP had given a statement saying that the vehicle was driven by the police sergeant. However, investigations later revealed that the vehicle was driven by the MP.

The other six individuals who ordered to be arrested include the former Senior Superintendent of Police of Vavuniya, the former Superintendent of Police in Vavuniya and the former OIC of the Settikulam Police Station.

Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam was elected to parliament on 2010 election from UNP and later crossed over to UPFA along with 17 other UNP MPs which also included current Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

Before entering active politics Sri Ranga was a famous talk show host who hosted the famous Tamil political talk show ‘Minnal’.

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