Wigneswaran rejects Ranil’s request

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s request to meet with the Tamil Makkal Kootani (TMK) separately was rejected, stated TMK Leader C. V. Wigneswaran.

The former Northern Province Governor stated that he informed the United National Party (UNP) Leader that they will only join a discussion that is held with the participation of the other Tamil parties who signed the proposal submitted for the consideration of the presidential candidates.

Five Tamil political parties signed and submitted a 13-point proposal to the candidates of the Presidential Election 2019 and declared that they would support the candidate who agrees to this proposal.

Wigneswaran further stated that his belief is that the Tamil people should only vote for the presidential candidate who agrees to these conditions.

Meanwhile, Ilangai Tamil Arasu Kachchi Leader Mavai Senathirajah says that Tamil parties will decide on the presidential candidate to support in the presidential election before the postal vote.

As the majority of the public servants in the North and the East are eligible to cast postal votes, the Tamil parties will decide on the candidate to be voted for, stated Senathirajah.

He further said that the political parties representing the Tamil community are scheduled to hold a meeting with the leaders of the UNP within this week.

reportedly, the meeting will discuss the 13-point proposal submitted by the major Tamil political parties.

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