Gota Frontliner Iterates Anti-Muslim Campaign Has Been Paused For Polls

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna’s front organization – Viyathmaga front-liner Prof. Channa Jayasumana says that anti-Muslim campaigns spearheaded by SLPP front organizations had been paused due to the forthcoming 16 November Presidential Elections, at a book launch held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute recently.

“For four years along with the Maha Sangha we made sacrifices as the national movement to bring out a candidate (i.e. Gotabaya Rajapaksa). I personally believe that we were successful. However after nominations were handed over we are of no value. I must say that now. My personal believe is that after the presidential elections we will not have the value (n the SLPP) we have now,” lamented Prof. Jayasumana hinting that he and other professionals had been sidelined in SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s campaign.

“Earlier people said no to 225 and let’s bring professionals into politics at future elections. But do you think that professionals will be given nominations (at 2020 General Elections)?…..” queried the Professor who hinted that professionals would be sidelined by SLPP at future elections.

“So we might have to think about this in future…. There are few things that we would not be talking purely because of the presidential elections. Purposely I have reduced or totally stopped talking about the (Sharia) university of Hizbulla, Dr. Shafi’s (sterile surgery saga) and other related issues,” said the Viyathmaga frontliner implying that he and others in the SLPP would not dwell on these matters during the election period due to the fear of losing Muslim votes.

“If we do we are given a call saying not to go into these subjects. Also later on we might be charged within our camp for sabotaging (Gotabaya’s election campaign). We are bearing these (restraints) with much difficulty. But that doesn’t mean Dr. Shafi didn’t do anything or that University built by Hizbulla is good.”

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