Tamils agree to back Sajith

All parties in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) have decided to support New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa.

The TNA said in an official announcement that all alliance members have reached a consensus to back Premadasa.

The TNA said it had decided to support Sajith Premadasa considering the past and future actions and policies.

The TNA also stated that issues regarding missing persons, detainees, land release, resettlement, and rehabilitation should be addressed by the new President.

The War Crime accused Karuna, Pillayan and EPDP Leader Douglas are supporting Gotha. It is believed that Karuna and Pillayan who are unpopular in East will not win any votes for Gotha. But Gotha has to keep them with him so that they will not expose the killings of Tamils by Rajapaksha government.

Douglas who has a verry small support base in North but it is not going to help Gotha due to fear that Gotha will bring back the Sinhala- Buddist Only rule and minorities will be wiped out. During Mahindas rule any one opposing the government will be dissepeared with the support of Government forces and support from Rajapaksha family members.

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