For their own survival, Tamil’s and Muslim voters must repeat their 2015 rescue operation by voting for Sajith Premadasa.

By Sachithanandam Sathananthan –

Dr. Sachithanandam Sathananthan

The Malaiyaha and Ceylon Tamils and Muslims have only one job to do: rescue the Sinhalese people from their self-destructive lunge towards authoritarianism.  

They achieved this historic task in 2015; they pulled the country back from the political precipice with a little help from residual UNP’s Sinhalese voters. But the Sinhalese-Buddhist elite and its doting masses ignominiously failed to build on the foundation laid by the Malaiyaha and Ceylon Tamils and Muslims.[1]

There is absolutely no need to compound the Sinhalese-Buddhist elite’s tragic errors. The 13-Point demand by Tamil civil society and politicians does exactly that – it adds fuel to the fire.

What is the purpose the 13 Demands? Whether the Sinhalese presidential candidates agree to all or some or none of the demands is utterly irrelevant. After the election the new president will continue to pander to Sinhalese extremism simply to ensure his political survival. 

So why insist on promises that will be betrayed surely as the sun will rise in the east the following morning?

We have seen the trend from the 1994 to 2015 presidential elections. Malaiyaha and Ceylon Tamils and Muslims may decide the winner but nothing more after the election.

The 13 Demands are empty rhetoric. They are, at best, face saving excuses trotted out by some Tamil politicians to cosy up to one or another presidential candidate in the desperate hope of a post-election payoff, which is nothing more than a mirage.

Malaiyaha and Ceylon Tamil and Muslim voters again have to drag the nation back by the scruff of its neck from the authoritarian political abyss into which most Sinhalese-Buddhist voters are blindly shoving the country. The backward Sinhalese-Buddhist forces are bribing, blackmailing and threatening Tamils and Muslims to prevent them from salvaging the country.[2]

For their own survival, Malaiyaha and Ceylon Tamil and Muslim voters must repeat their 2015 rescue operation by voting for the candidate who is capable of winning as well as who will inflict least damage upon the people.


[1] Sathananthan, Sachithanandam, “How we came to this pass – VI”. 7/nov/19

[2] Saroor, Shereen Abdul, “Will Sri Lanka Elect A President By Default ?”. 11/nov/19

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