Rajapakse’s camp is planning to create communal divisions

Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapakse’s camp is reportedly planning to create communal divisions between the North and the South in the coming hours, sources said.

Accordingly, a false propaganda is on its way to promote the idea that there is a secret pact between the Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and that they are planning to remove the Sinhalese from the North.

Such propagation is to be circulated on a television channel backing the Rajapaksas around 10 pm tonight (15).

A fake document has also been prepared to create a belief in this false propaganda, according to sources.

According to the false propaganda fabricated by the Rajapaksa camp, they are planning to create a clash between the Sinhalese and the Tamils and prevent the Tamils and Muslims from entering the polling booth, sources further said.

According to internal sources, the purpose of this move is to remove Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s unresolved American citizenship debate from the community to some extent.

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