Vote reveals stark racial divide between North and South

The vote revealed that the minority-dominated North and East voted heavily against Rajapaksa and the majority South for him

 “aware that I am now the President for all Sri Lankans and I will ensure that all Sri Lankans, not only those who voted for me but those who voted against me as well, and I will work for all.” says President Gotha

On Saturday Nov 16, the minority regions of the country voted heavily in favour of Rajapaksa’s opponent Sajith Premadasa despite the SLPP’s numerous efforts to woo religious and ethnic minorities.

This left a stark difference in the returns of the elections. The North and the East dominated by Tamils and Muslims voted 80 to 20 in favour of Premadasa and the Southern, Uva and North Central Provinces dominated by Sinhala voters heavily for Rajapaksa.

A member of Premadasa’s Party, Economic Reforms Minister Harsha de Silva said “I feel so sad for this country. There is such division in this country.Never have we had so many in the north, so little in the South,” he told our sister website

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