Murali’s “doosra” has gone off the mark, for the first time.

New Innings With Team Rajapaksa? Speculation over Cricketer Muralitharan’s New Role as Governor Upsets Tamils

Murali’s stand on alleged war crimes against Tamils committed during the tenure of Gotabaya as Defence secretary under the presidency of his elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa between 2005 and 2015 has angered the Tamils.

Murali has always maintained that there were no war crimes.

“There were no war crimes and no genocide is his public stand. How can he say this? Is not he himself a Tamilian? We are thoroughly disappointed with him. He is doing it to be in the good books Rajapaksas. It is terrible,” said a Tamil journalist from Kandy.

“It is like adding insult to injury. Tamils in the north suffered the most under Gotabaya. More than 80% voted against him this time. Murali is disliked by them,” said a Colombo-based Sri Lankan Tamil, who did not want to reveal his name.

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