Sampanthan ready to support good work of new govt.

Leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) R. Sampanthan says that they will not hesitate to support the government if it is needed.

Speaking to the media in Trincomalee, they will continue to be in the Opposition and will oppose the government whenever it has to be opposed.

However, this would not necessarily mean that we will oppose the government at all times, said Sampanthan.

“If the government needs to be supported or has to be supported regard the matters which are beneficial for the country, beneficial to the people of the country, we will not hesitate to do so”, he said.

The former Opposition Leader commented on the position of the Speaker of the Parliament.

He stated that when the matter arises they will know who the aspirants are and if called on for a vote, they would do to the best of their ability to take the correct decision at that point.

Sampanthan also addressed certain rumors prevailing that he had expressed the view that Sajith Premadasa should be the Leader of the Opposition. He denied the rumor stating that he has expressed no such view.

He stated that this was a matter entirely for the United National Party (UNP) to be decided internally.

He added that they would not hesitate to express their opinion on the matter if the opportunity arises.

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