Maaveerar Naal observed by Tamils across World

Maaveerar Naal observed by Tamils across Europe

Maaveerar Naal was observed by thousands of Tamils across Europe, where they gathered in various cities to pay tribute to the fallen. Oberhausen, Germany Herning, Denmark Oslo, Norway Paris, France Fribourg, Switzerland29 November 2019

Mannar Tamils defy threats to mark Maaveerar Naal

Maaveerar Naal was commemorated in destroyed thuyilum illams (LTTE cemeteries) in Mannar district on November 27. Despite threats and obstacles from Sri Lankan security forces, thousands showed up to the thuyilum illams where the traditional commemorations took place with flames and flowers.29 November 2019

Tamils across North America commemorate Maaveerar Naal 2019

Across North America, Tamils stood in solidarity with those in the homeland to remember the sacrifice made and lives lost during the Tamil liberation struggle. Toronto In Markham Fair Grounds, Toronto, Canada thousands gathered in attendance. Montreal, Quebec Hundreds gathered in centre arménie, Laval in Montreal, Quebec. Queens, New York New Jersey28 November 2019

Thousands of British Tamils mark Maaveerar Naal across the UK

Thousands of British Tamils gathered in London, Oxford and Glasgow to mark Maaveerar Naal. London Over 10,000 British Tamils gathered in London yesterday to pay tribute to fallen cadres. This year marks the 30th year since the tradition was started, which was established by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on 27 November 1989. The event was also attended by Paul Scully, parliamentary candidate for Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park, Wes Streeting, parliamentary candidate for Ilford North, and Stephen Timms, parliamentary candidate for East Ham. Oxford Thousands of Tamils also came…28 November 2019

Maaveerar Naal commemorations held across Tamil Nadu

Thousands of Tamil from across Tamil Nadu held Maaveerar Naal commemorations yesterday in solidarity with Eelam Tamils after the appointment of accused war criminal Gotabaya Rajapaksa to Sri Lanka’s presidency. Madras University At Madras University students gathered to remember the sacrifices made by those fighting for an independent homeland. Madurai In Madurai, tens of thousands gathered to commemorate the great loss of those who died in liberation movement. Senthamizhan Seeman, leader of the Naam Thamilar political party, addressed the crowd. Salem Kanchipuram28 November 2019

Maaveerar Naal marked at Jaffna’s destroyed LTTE cemeteries

Thousands of Tamils in the Jaffna district attended Maaveerar Naal commemorations at thuyilum illams – destroyed LTTE cemeteries – around the district. Koppay Commemorations at Koppay take place close to the original site of the thuyilum illam, which is now occupied by the Sri Lankan army. Chatty Thuyilum Illam (Velanai Island) Theeruvil Thuyilum Illam (Vadamarachchi) Point Pedro Munai The mother of the first Black Tiger, Captain Miller, lit the sacrificial flame at the Point Pedro commemoration. Kodikamam – Ellankulam Thuyilum Illam

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