Swiss quagmire & SL govt.’s options

LTTE recognized as freedom fighters in Switzerland* Collecting funds for terrorist attacks on SL de-criminalised* Terrorist attacks to gain independence justified

December 21, 2019, 6:19 pm


by C.A.Chandraprema

The drama surrounding the Swiss embassy employee is now in its fourth week with the Swiss government still holding that their employee is right and the Sri Lankan government is wrong despite all the evidence to the contrary that has come to light. It should be understood that Sri Lanka can never expect fair play from Switzerland. The Swiss government is more pro-LTTE than most other Western countries. Recently, the highest Swiss criminal court ruled that the Tamil Tigers are not a criminal organization and acquitted 12 LTTE activists of charges of sending 15 million Swiss Francs to the LTTE by collecting money from the Sri Lankan community in Switzerland during the war. There are around 50,000 Sri Lankans mostly Tamils living in Switzerland.

 The Swiss court acquitted the LTTE activists despite the Swiss Attorney General informing the court that the LTTE front organizations in Switzerland had a sophisticated system to raise funds for armed struggle in Sri Lanka whereby the Tamil community in Switzerland was systematically registered and its ability to pay sums assessed and individuals and families who refused to pay were threatened. Regardless of this, the Swiss apex criminal court refused to consider the LTTE a criminal group and had stated that even if the LTTE had carried out terrorist attacks, their primary objective was to be recognized as an independent ethnic community. This is a strange attitude to take in this day and time to say the least. 

Malaysia is rounding up LTTE activists, India and Sri Lanka are on the alert for attempts to revive the LTTE and the whole world is on alert with regard to any kind of terrorist activity because terrorism is the scourge of the modern world, yet Switzerland has justified terrorist attacks if it is to seek separate independent state. They have decriminalized the collecting of funds in Switzerland for terrorist attacks on Sri Lanka and refuses even to consider the LTTE to be a criminal group even though the FBI categorized the LTTE as the deadliest terrorist organization in the world in 2008. The LTTE military machine was smashed by Sri Lanka in 2009, but its international networks still remains intact and still poses a direct threat to countries like Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. The Swiss government however actively promotes LTTE terrorism and provides a safe haven for LTTE terrorists on Swiss soil. This is the background in which this entire abduction drama is taking place.

Colombo Swiss embassy’s conduct

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