Failure of successive governments to implement their promises

Two Issues That Will Continue To Trouble 

By Jehan Perera –

Jehan Perera

One of the striking features of the presidential election was the division of the country’s electoral map along ethnic lines. Over the weekend I was in Vavuniya to take part in an inter-religious exchange visit. Three groups consisting of religious clergy, civil society leaders, government officials and police officers from Akurana, Weligama and Vavuniya, which are three localities in which there has been inter-religious conflict, met together in Vavuniya. The purpose of this meeting of groups was to promote bridge-building and inter-community understanding. All of those present, especially the government officials, wanted to strengthen ground level inter-community relations so that they would have less problems of conflict to deal with. There was also the happiness of interaction and getting to know those who are different.

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