Former President worried over SLFP being used!

In the circumstance which the members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party have not been given any posts in the state sector under the new government of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, former President Maithripala Sirisena worried, reports said.  

Despite the unconditional support given in the presidential election, none of it has ever been valued in the aftermath, the former President has told with his close associates, according to sources. 

High ranking posts in the government, governors, institutional heads to name a few, have only been given to those who are close to the current President, former President Sirisena has recalled in a complaining tune.  

He has said that he regrets for SLFP being used to reach the SLPP numbers up, sources claimed. 

Meanwhile, W. Nalani Abeywardena has refused to accept the post of chairman for the Development Lotteries Board, reports said. 

Abeywardena, who served as a deputy general manager in the Bank of Ceylon, also served as chairwoman for the National Savings Bank before 2015.

However, upon her refusal to accept the post, the former President informed the current President to reappoint Mr. Sena Suriyapperuma as chairman of DLB. 

The progress achieved by the DLB under Suriyapperuma’s chairmanship makes him worthy of further assuming the post, the former President pointed out, according to sources, further revealing that the President has responded positively.

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