Prevent An MR-GR 2/3rd Majority In Next Election

By Kumar David –

Prof. Kumar David

My MR-GR supporter friends and my Gota besotted relatives are adamant that they must win a two-thirds majority in the elections slotted for about May. They are after a constitutional amendment, but when I ask them what they want they become hazy. 19A has made the PM powerful at the expense of the President, so do they want an all-powerful Presidency as during JR’s tenure reducing MR to a pantaloon? “No” some say, especially the politically savvy who trust MR more than GR. The middle-class segment however is chauvinist and more enthusiastic about GR than MR and more militaristic in its loyalties. SLPP parliamentarians are MR-friendly because that’s the gravy-train; a militarised administration may come in conflict, down the road, with Ministers and MPs thirsting for gravy. In Egypt and Pakistan however the military after climbing into power was more gravy-hungry than venal politico. 

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