No point talking about shortcomings of our govt. – Mano

Former United National Party (UNP) Minister Mano Ganesan says that it is the responsibility of the incumbent government to correct any shortcomings of the previous government.

He expressed these views speaking to media following a program held yesterday (10) in Thotalanga.

When inquired of the Commission set up by the previous government, Ganesan said, “It is not our government anymore. There is a new government now. Ask them of these, not me. A new government was established saying our government did wrong, right? There is no point talking about the shortcomings of our government.”

He further said: “I will not talk about MP Ranjan Ramanayake. His phone recordings have been revealed. They say that he talked in some of those audiotapes. Ranjan Ramanayake says some of the audiotapes have been fabricated. Anyway, let’s leave it to the police”.

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