EC’s permission sought to continue project to lift 100,000 families out of poverty


The Multi-Purpose Development Task Force has requested the Election Commission to grant permission to continue with the programme commenced with the objective of lifting 100,000 families out of the depths of poverty since it was launched three months ago.   

The Director General of the Multi-Purpose Development Task Force, Major General (Retd.) Nanda Mallawarachchi has sent a letter to the Chairman of the Election Commission, explaining the beginning, the objectives and the mechanism of the programme. The Director General has pointed out that although Parliament had been dissolved, nomination had not yet been called and the process of the Task Force commenced well before the declaration of the elections. As per the letter, on December 10th, 2019 the Cabinet of Ministers decided to create a pool comprising multi-faceted service providers. Applications were called on January 20th this year and the interviews started in February had now been completed.     

The Cabinet decided to establish a new Department called Multi-Purpose Development Task Force on January 3rd. The Department of Management Services granted its approval on February 18th to recruit staff. The Presidential Secretariat allocated Rs. 1.15 billion for this purpose. Thus, the Director General of the Task Force has observed that the process of seconding officials from various government institutes as well as recruiting 100,000 out of eligible candidates from poor families has to be completed.    

As this process commenced before the declaration of the general election, the Director General has said, requesting the Commission’s permission to continue with the programme.

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