Onslaught of Corona V, Political Parties and Symbols, and Electioneering


We are surrounded by the Covid-19 coronavirus, surrounded not really and truly (thank goodness and the Lord and the gods too!) but surrounded by announcements and news over TV and radio. Cass shuns social media so she does not know whether the virus or news about it is tweeted and Face-booked and all that. But switch on any TV station – all local channels except the religious; BBC, CNN and others and they are on about this pestilence virus.

Family talk too revolves around it. Cass intones: My word, he left just before the corona flu went global and thank goodness the other has cancelled his ticket and decided not to travel. A younger pooh poohs this. When Cassandra says: True we don’t have the infection, nor his home country, but if someone in the plane is detected harbouring the pestiferous virus, the passengers will be quarantined for two whole weeks, god knows where, and since that person’s flight is via Dubai, it could very well be that the plane load is quartered in the desert in tents, like the poor Syrian refugees. The adventurous young one says: How wonderful, a paid holiday of two weeks in addition to the planned trip!

Video clip of sense

Cass was sent a video clip which was good and comfort transferring. Thank goodness! She does not pride herself that her incantation sounded last Saturday in this column ‘C Virus go away! Don’t you dare come our way! had any effect on the virus nor intercepted its winging this way. Does it fly or squiggle around? No, it is transmitted by being shot out by someone sneezing and us picking it up direct with the air we breathe, or through our hands. We cannot say don’t breathe, so the given advice is: wash hands all the time.


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